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At Paintball City, we value the safety and health of our customers. Paintball City staff operates by a strict and formulated set of health & safety rules (protocols) that are put in place to keep you, our valued customers, safe at all times.


As we ease back into this ‘new normal’, capacity is reduced to ensure that appropriate physical distancing measures can be followed.  


As such these are the measures we have taken to ensure your safety:


  • We use a medical-grade disinfectant specifically formulated for use on a multitude of surfaces.

  • All our paintball equipment is thoroughly sanitized with a cleaning solution approved for use in the medical field.  That includes our masks, tools and paintball markers.

  • This medical grade disinfectant is also used to clean all surfaces in our facilities (ie. Counter tops, door handles, waiver kiosks, floors, washrooms, debit and vending machines). 

  • Our Paintball coveralls are cleaned on our premises for non-outside contact.

  • Customers are also invited to use hand sanitizers that are provided at our facility in areas such as registration counter & staging area.

*Medical Masks are Mandatory inside the Staging Area


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