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Best and Brightest Indoor Paintball Facility

For Over 20 Years Paintball City has provided a safe, fun and affordable indoor paintball experience. We are Toronto's Best and Brightest indoor paintball field. We are located in the heart of Toronto at Hwy 401 and Dixon Road easily accessible using public transit. Paintball City is Urban combat style two story building great web of hiding spots and passage way that lets the players feel like they are in thick of action no matter where they are on the field.

Our equipment is inspected daily for safety and serviceability, so when you step on the field you are ready for whatever your competition can dish out.Paintball City is one of the cleanest and brightest Indoor Paintball Field in the Toronto area. We cater to the beginner paintball player. Paintball Birthday Parties, Corporate Paintball Events, Bachelor Paintball Games. If you need to organize a paintball party in the Toronto, you need to check out our indoor paintball facility.

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