Week Day Specials

Every Monday   &  Tuesday

Low Ball Night

Half Price Admission & Half Price Paint



Monday and Tuesday nights are our lowest price nights to play paintballl. Rental is only $16.50. That will include Gun, Mask, Coverall, 100 Paintball and Unlimited Play Time. Owner Pays $7.50 to play.

100 Paintballs $7.62

Every Wednesday & Sunday after 3pm

Deep Discount

Rental Package: $32 

(Gun, Mask, Coverall, Admission and No Paintballs)


Gun Owner Package: $27 

(Admission and Air Fills)


500Paintballs - $30, 1000Paintballs - $50, 

2000Paintballs - $65

Gun Owner's Choice

Every Thursday

Date Night

2 for 1 Night

Pay for any Rental Package and get a second Basic Rental Package for FREE

Basic Rental Package: Gun, Mask, Coveralls & 100Paintballs

Wanna get your partner in to paintball?

This is the way to go

Every Friday


Full Auto Friday

If you are a gun owner with a fully automatic gun, you can come in along with your friends and we can run games just for you where you can turn on your Full Auto and enjoy being trigger happy!